New Solution to Cover Damaged or Missing Toenails.

QUICK! SAFE! EASY! A New Solution for Missing Toenails

Nail Creations are an attractive, safe, temporary cosmetic solution for damaged or missing toenails, allowing an infected or lost nail, or one damaged by fungus of the toenail, to grow back healthy while looking great. An easy-to-apply, latex-free cosmetic covering conceals the underlying problem toenail – just trim, polish and apply like a bandage to match the rest of your toes!

Nail Creations Cosmetic Cover-ups for Damaged or Missing Toenails – Before/After

Looks Just Like Healthy, Beautiful Toenails

Feel confident wearing sandals and open-toe shoes all year ’round. These temporary, cosmetic grade, latex free cover-ups create the illusion of a healthy, beautiful toenail, while helping to protect your nail during the healing process*. Purchase your box now! Each box contains 16 strips in assorted sizes. No matter how you lost your nail – due to a health issue, fungus of the toenail, sports-related damage (women who run love Nail Creations!), or a common mishap – Nail Creations will let you make sure missing toenails don’t have you missing out on life while they grow back. Best of all, because Nail Creations are a temporary covering they don’t interfere with the healing process in any way.

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How to apply Nail Creations

*Nail Creations is not a medical device. This product is only a temporary cosmetic adhesive cover for damaged or missing toenails.
 This product has not been approved for use by the FDA. It is patent pending